Posted by: felinegroovy | August 12, 2008


Did you see the 4 corners episode last night on the cult in New Mexico that was saying the world would end on October sometime?

The cult leader used to be called Wayne Somebody and then God told him he was the living god and should now be called Michael.  He got a gang of adventists and moved to New Mexico and started talking about the end of the world. Some of the pilgrim followers had kids, they went too. Very sad … to see those kids with so much optimism and joy about the world ending and blind faith in one kooky guy. Faith that led them to lying naked with a creepy old guy.

The people were so at peace with the idea, but so pissed off with the world too, with the cult leaders’ manipulation of their world. The cult leader slept with his son’s wife because god told him to. And the son was saying bring on the end of the world – no bloody wonder!

Weird ass stuff.

Trying to find peace in my world is more complicated, but I’d rather it were this way – I would rather make my own decisions about the world and how to live in it and with it peacefully.

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