Posted by: felinegroovy | September 26, 2008

I love my Mum

My Mum and her partner moved to a seaside town to retire! Good on them! they are the most amazingly resilient people with such a capacity to give with such generosity of spirit.

This is pictures of them moving house … so much happened here.

I brought my first born up for his first Christmas here. And my second born.

My brother and my father died while they lived here, and this is where we cocooned ourselves between funerals and wakes.

My little brother had his 21st birthday party here – a cowboy and western party. I was pregnant!

Hair the dog lived and died here. Ross the dog died after running down to the Highway while I was supposed to be looking after him. I’m sorry Ross.

Mum and Ian worked and lived and retired from here – it was the first home they owned (they bought) after having left the farm.

Its where my brother and I dreamt of a ghost in the spare bedroom – a fierce Aboriginal warrior man.

I helped Mum paint this house.

I listened to Mum’s musings about which particular shade of green she would paint the gutter.

It was my source of lemons.

My source of fresh vegetables and herbs after Mum retired and got stuck into her veggie patch.


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