Posted by: felinegroovy | October 13, 2008

loaves and wine

add yeast to make bread. add yeast to make wine. my brothers work in wineries, one in an aluminium factory. the wine makers…

if they had still been farmers, which is what i guess they would have been had we not had the recession we had to have – thanks Paul … they would have been growing wheat, ultimatley making bread, or growing wool, making blankets and jumpers and maybe even fancy Morrison undershirts.

In 1984 my mum and her partner went bust on their farm in the central wheatbelt district of western australia. hit with huge intersest rates on a property brought at the peak and then double triple whammied with drought year after year. we all worked the farm. we all contributed to the growing of the wheat, shiftting sheep, waiting for rain.

so we walked off the farm, a special term, we didn’t go bankrupt, we walked off. sold the piano. the furniture. the tractors and machinery. tried to sell the farm. we walked off, suticases in hand and moved to the city to find work and to make some money to buy food.

it was my first year out of school, my first year at university. i was the first in my family to go to university. my mum and i lived together with jenny the nurse, we shared house, shared the cost of goons and food, shared cooking nights and cleaning duties.

my brothers learnt to make wine.

now instead of appreciating the origins of my Tip Top loaf, my Burgen loaf, my Coles Own home brand loaf, i sip Semillon Sauvingnon Blanc crafted by my oh so clever brothers. so much better.


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