Posted by: felinegroovy | October 15, 2008

ch ch ch changes

turn and face the change! thats what bowie said, and i agree, lets do that with grace and good will.  but lets not do it with an arrogance of thinking we are the generation that has faced the most change. sure we do face an information overload, the world is changing but it did that in every era.

my dad saw the introduction of cars, drove down armadale hill on the albany highway when it was gravel. when he was a kid they’d get in the horse and cart and go to town to buy flour to make bread! my mum watched her brother go to war. ok is that enough? you know each generation faces incredible challenges.

its how we deal with those challenges that matters. do we stand on conference stages expounding the drama of needing to reconnect, create tribes (diatribes?), etc etc or do we just get on with it – introduce ourselves to our neighbours, grow some veggies in the backyard, find things we give a shit about and act on them.


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