Posted by: felinegroovy | October 15, 2008

singing on the roof

my dad died a happy man. he was diagnosed with indigestion we later found out, but it was his heart. he died of a heart attack while he was fixing the flashing on his workshop shed. his workshop was full of treasures, boxes and tins and bits and bobs – nothing with any order so it would seem, but watch him and mid project he’d need a screw or a bit or a bob and he’d pick up a tin, give it a rattle, move those giant fingers amongst the tiny objects and voila! just what he was looking for. the shed held his lapidiary equipment, his vibra laps, his sphere maker that he bought and the one he made (the one he used), his giant lathe where he turned blackboy bowls and frames for clocks made of sheoak. the shed where he escaped from the world.

he had his heart attack, climbed down from the roof and died in the sheoak chair us kids gave him. the ambulance came but he didn’t live. he died, as he should have, quickly, with no hanging around with disabilities for dad – that would have made his life hell. he died having met some of his grandkids, having been free to travel and adventure across remote western australia for months at a time for many years, he died before all his kids.

i miss him still.



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