Posted by: felinegroovy | January 30, 2009

The Historian

Our first reading circle meeting for 2009 was held at V’s housesitting home – a beautiful limestone house backing onto a park. I loved the paving and have thought of doing that at my place! Swirls and words made of stone set into the concrete path.

Most agreed ‘The Historian’ was a little tiresome – a little long and the plot too predictable. Having said that people enjoyed the ‘journey’ through Eastern Europe (though even the descriptions of place copped some criticism) The book was called “Mills and Boonish” and it was felt that a much of the detail could have been left out, the story itself was quite enjoyable but was too buried in too much detail.

The next book for our circle is ‘The Slap’ by Christos Tsiolkas. We will meet at the the Rockstar’s house – as usual on the last Thursday of the month.

In other news a committee meeting was held and new positions on the Executive were decided:

The Rockstar- President and Me – Secretary


Amusing stories arising from meeting:

An artist is offered employment as a teacher with a large institution. She is excited by the prospect as presented by the Head Teacher who describes the flexibility of the post, the interesting and challenging nature of the work as she will be working to inspire and help heal people with mental health issues. He is effusive about the position. She takes up the post only to find there is noone there to meet her on her first or second day. She gets on with her work nonetheless, planning her lessons etc- expecting the contract and details to arrive in the mail (she understands and expects delays from such a large and beauracratic institution) . Imagine her when she teaches her first class and “Head Teacher” is one of her students!

The Story of the Mournful Van

A beautiful story with all the elements, tragedy, hope and love.

Looking forward to the next installment of this one!

Thanks to the outgoing Executive for their work over the past year.



  1. thank god!
    a real secretary
    i love the post mortem

  2. The book was called the historian. The magician sounds far more interesting.

  3. Book club met on 26 feb at the presidents house to discuss The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas .The book revolves around a group of contemporary suburban Melbournites,it provoked much discussion on the nature of loyalty to friends and family as well as the challenges of relationships and child rearing.Overall the book was well recieved and I would recommend it.Other subjects discussed on the night included the efficacy of genus Euphorbia onskin cancers ,coffee enemas and astronomy.

  4. I’m sad to have missed such a lively discussion.

  5. me too….

  6. Book group met on 26th march at lyns house to discuss The Reader by Bernard Schlink.Unusually for book group small talk was dispensed with early as we entered into discussion of the book .The Reader presented various philosophical and moral dilemmas .Did Hanna take advantage of the young Michael? What if it was an older man and a young woman?Should Michael have intervened with the judge when he realised Hanna was illiterate? How would we have acted in time of war? The need for the German people to revisit the war years was compared to John Howards refusal tosay sorry .Does a nation need to face up to its past before it can move on? The Reader contains many complex themes. Of the non-literary items discussed Geoff revealed he had had a youthful affair with an older woman! We wait for further revelations from this mans dark past. Kris told us of her encounter with a Swiss philosopher at Karrinyup Woolies and Lyn gave us details of her holiday in Vietnam. Well done Lyn the book was well worth reading and the chocolate fruit fondue delicious.

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