Posted by: felinegroovy | February 4, 2009

Freudian Slip Slop

Thanks to K for alerting me to my Freudian Slip Slop.  I accidently named our last book “the Magician” instead of it’s correct title, “The historian”.  Any analysis on this slip welcome.

Update on the book from my perspective … I am still reading it – about half way through and am enjoying the story. Not a great work of art perhaps but a good read! Looking forward to finishing it as I did a little tidy of my room last night and restacked my book bundle next to my bed waiting for me:

Shakespeare’s Wife, Germaine Greer (started this on holidays and am enjoying it even though it is non fiction!)

The Lay of the Land, Richard Ford

La Vie Parisienne, Janelle McCulloch (in preparation for journey to Paris!)



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