Posted by: felinegroovy | July 7, 2009

Albert Sings the Blues

No buskers today at Albert Statue

Standing out front of Albert Hall, having just arrived in London and desparately trying to see some sights in the short time we have there, I hear the sound of buskers. I look up and there’s a couple of guys sitting at the steps of the (gigantic) statue of Albert. They look like bums, a cardigan in front of them with a small collection of coins. I like music, I like live music and I like someone who will invite me over, I’d rather say yes than no. So when they called me over – I didn’t care if it was a leer or a joke – I wanted to hear more and see what they were up to. We amble up through the gate from the street toward them between joggers streaming past on the path through Hyde Park a slight glance down at the boys and their guitar and songs and sounds and voices.

We sat down and shared a song and a cigarette and we watched them swig and sing. Yep they could sing – they belted out a blues tune and then one of their own which made me think of brother Stuart, the transitoriness of life, the need to grab it and be grateful for the moments and adventures we have in it.  They then took us on a joyful walk through streets to a pub where we shared some stories and some beers.  These talented two had big sharing hearts, open ears to the world.  I call these kinda people shiny.  They are in a band called the Navajo Mud toys.


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