Posted by: felinegroovy | November 16, 2009

Brain waves

How is it that I just can’t regurgitate facts!! I passed two Human Biology exams at university so I MUST be able to retain hard facts – it’s not impossible and yet … I went to a quiz night on Saturday and found it very difficult to spit out more than 3 correct answers . Others on the table were coming out with obscurities all over the place – who wrote ‘Heidi”. Lady Sultana was on the table, she knew the answer to what is a ‘kibitzer’ (and check out this link to see what other terms she would know), what’s the oldest architectural style – Gothic, renaissance or baroque? – the well traveled lawyer knew this one, his wife nailed the ‘what does psso stand for?” – click here for the answer.

Did you know the oldest university is in Morrocco? None of us did!





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