Posted by: felinegroovy | November 17, 2009

Last Exam

You might have wondered about a recent post relating to the (not so) joyful experience of going to school. My lovely little billy lid is doing her final exam for year 11 today – it’s Physics. I think she is so smart, she can do maths and physics and she also is a drama student and it so creative. She loves to read and its so great to share a common passion.

I wished her luck this morning and she said, ‘thanks I’ll need it!’. She hasn’t really studied or even done all the assessments for physics. Her motivation for this subject is low low low – what will she ever need it for?

The one thing she knows about her future is that she doesn’t want to go to Uni. What the? Uni was fun, it was interesting and challenging to be learning new and extended knowledge. How come I haven’t been able to convey that to her? Or have I and it’s just not what she wants to do.

I think she might be a ‘doer’ not a thinker. And who knows, in this day and age maybe that’s the kind of people we need. Perhaps we’ve all been thinking about stuff for too long, maybe it’s time now to just get in there and do it. After all, if you don’t know something you can google it. The answers are all out there.



  1. Hmmm I agree – Uni was such fun!

    Maybe take her to Uni – to a coffee shop or some such to give her the feel of what it is like there.

    I went on the weekend with my daughter and by the end of it she was practically signing on the bottom line. 🙂

    Of course she is only 12 so she has the small matter of 5 years of high school to go first.

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