Posted by: felinegroovy | November 18, 2009

Egg Head

I played netball last night and came a cropper. I have a huge egg above my left eye. It happened at the centre pass, I tripped (or was I pushed? it is bitchball after all and I was getting a few good shots in …) and got a bit of height and landed on my head! My reaction was to swear (f(*&%! that hurts! f&*%$k that really hurts) while lying on the ground. I got up and walked off court slurped some water and got back to playing. I was quite cross about it and as a result found some focus and actually got a few good goals in.

When we were kids the remedy for a bump on the head was a lump of butter smeared on the area. I got home and used frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel as a cold compress. That soothed it.

My lovely billy lid now plays with me and we needed to recruit her friend as we were a player short. Am loving playing with her (we even did a quarter in goasl together). I hope she wasn’t too shocked by my reaction to falling over. She was very caring when we got home and suggested I should stay awake for a while in case I have concussion. We ate Conniseur ice cream together and watched some crappy TV.

Good news is, it hurts to frown.


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