Posted by: felinegroovy | February 2, 2010

chocolate really is good for you – stops the slumps!

It’s a super food apparently! I do get a bit cynical about terms like this but after having gone to a lesson on chocolate I am a believer! It’s packed with magnesium, feel good properties that react beautifully with your brain and antioxidants. I seem to remember them saying something about it having the same chemical in it as viagra! It works on your dopamines so can be a good thing for those feeling blue times too. I am sure there are other things but the lesson was just that, we sat in rows and listened to all the great things about chocolate and I must admit, I did trail off in my thoughts every now and then.  The lesson was punctuated by the distribution of lovely little blocks of chocolate made their special way (without cooking) so it keeps all the specially superness in!

After the lesson and after having eaten maybe 4 or 5 little blocks of their handmade chocolate I was feeling pretty calm and euphoric.  The grass looked greener, the world a tad more beautiful – and that’s saying something because everything was looking pretty glum before I went!  We started the lesson with a Damiana tea so I wonder if it was a magical combination too?

Roar Vanilla were the mob who ran the course. I recommend it.


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