Posted by: felinegroovy | November 28, 2010

stormy weather

I went to boarding school. My dorm was one room with a wardrobe dividing two beds. Me on one side, Pattyanne on the other. The rain and storms in Bunbury were a new thing to me – and to Pattyanne. We are wheatbelt girls, the rain there falls sideways, wooshes in and out again. Light rain that comes and goes, occassionally staying long enough to make mud. Often, though, it would hardly wet the ground. We shared our first big South West storm, complete with thunder and lightening and big thick rain drops that would never stop that drip drip gallopped from the eaves. We were really just young girls, but we had been masquerading successfully as young women. But the thunder and lightening was scary. We pushed our beds closer and leaned across the distance between, our little fingers entwined. Shared courage.

Now Pattyanne (and me) are grown up and storms are not so scary, we’ve grown used to the weather that brings big dollops of rain, we have faith that the thunder and lightening will cease.

Go see Pattyanne’s pictures here: I can say no more about her talent.

I will say how grateful I am to have shared her life and her generous friendship all these years.



  1. Always a rainbow in my life – thank you Ali.
    Shine on soul sista – glad you’re back 🙂

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