Posted by: felinegroovy | December 1, 2010

christmas time

note to self: go away, long way away a month before christmas and stay until christmas is done.

i saw the christmas lights on the pine tree near the old mill on Freeway south tonight and automatically looked for the lit up ship on the swan brewery. it was dark. when we used to travel up from jerramungup it was always night when we got to the narrows and was so exciting to see those lights. it meant our 6¬† hour journey was nearly finished. it meant we’d made it through the thick smog of kwinana industry. soon to be seeing aunty marg, gentle uncle horry, the boys and special cousin chrissy. soon to be sleeping in a soft soft bed trying to sleep in the unatural light of the street lights shining in the window. soon to wake up the next morning and sitting on furry orange nylon couch with vinyl head rest, watch cartoons on tv. a break from the abc, from bellbirds on the radio, from the 6pm news, glitz and jingle of city noises and smells and movements. a break from the dry crackling air, the endless horizon. maybe special cousin chrissy will even paint my nails!


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