Posted by: felinegroovy | October 20, 2010

I’m back!

And feeling sunshiney fresh. Spring has sprung in this beautiful little city.  Interspersed with small bouts of rain that keep the dust down.  My garden is truly in Kamberang (Noongar word for spring) with flowers bursting from every limb of my native trees.  Gorgeous Billy Lid has planted vegetable seeds in the garden with her friend the Tall Gentleman and they are bursting up – sweet corn, carrots, spring onions and a suprise pumpkin. 

I’ve started a new job and am really enjoying it.  Wonderful to be working with people who are respectful, generous and supportive.  I am realising that maybe this is the norm? That other environments that aren’t so – are aberrations. Still pondering this one.

Posted by: felinegroovy | July 25, 2010

A blog post

Here is a blog post. I feel a bit empty. With nothing much to share with the world. So here ends this blog … for now. To those (very few) who occasionally read my blog I may start another. Email me to find out.

Posted by: felinegroovy | April 21, 2010

Dear Jane

Dear Jane

I love that you have faith and confidence in me! The way you make me feel when you point out my excuses and remove obstacles is awesome. You inspire me!

That said, I’ve let the team down … I smoked, first just a little, then I went crazy for them.  Like they were long lost friends and we were at a banquet.  A smoking bonanza.

I do hope you won’t lose faith in me over this – I do have a plan to rid myself of this affection I have for the filthy Ciggy.  I need help though so please don’t abandon me!

Yours in hope, Feline.

Posted by: felinegroovy | April 20, 2010

Billie Lid Two – An elegant beauty

Billie Lid Two, am amazing caring and kind young woman! She had her ball a month ago and I was so proud of her! She chose to wear a dress that was elegant and suited her beautifully. She chose to eschew the trappings of the “big day”. She was happy to wear $10 fake pearl earrings. She did her own hair because then she could do it just the way she liked. Her friend’s Mum, a beautician, did her makeup, understated and lovely. So she could wear a hessian sack and look gorgeous, but she wore an elegant dress that suited her, her hair was soft and simple, her makeup understated and lovely.  

Posted by: felinegroovy | February 2, 2010

chocolate really is good for you – stops the slumps!

It’s a super food apparently! I do get a bit cynical about terms like this but after having gone to a lesson on chocolate I am a believer! It’s packed with magnesium, feel good properties that react beautifully with your brain and antioxidants. I seem to remember them saying something about it having the same chemical in it as viagra! It works on your dopamines so can be a good thing for those feeling blue times too. I am sure there are other things but the lesson was just that, we sat in rows and listened to all the great things about chocolate and I must admit, I did trail off in my thoughts every now and then.  The lesson was punctuated by the distribution of lovely little blocks of chocolate made their special way (without cooking) so it keeps all the specially superness in!

After the lesson and after having eaten maybe 4 or 5 little blocks of their handmade chocolate I was feeling pretty calm and euphoric.  The grass looked greener, the world a tad more beautiful – and that’s saying something because everything was looking pretty glum before I went!  We started the lesson with a Damiana tea so I wonder if it was a magical combination too?

Roar Vanilla were the mob who ran the course. I recommend it.

Posted by: felinegroovy | December 2, 2009

Can you laugh it off?

The paradox:

Take your job seriously! Yairs yairs I take my job seriously, I’m comitted to what I do, I want to do a good job etc etc.  What happens when things happen that are very difficult to navigate?  When stuff happens that you don’t like and don’t have much influence to change?  If you take your job seriously do you necessarily take the “problem” to heart, get seriously upset about it?  Or is there still room to laugh it off?  To be able to see a funny side in it? Is this a sensible way to stay sane?

Posted by: felinegroovy | November 24, 2009

When you’re old enough …

Tell Me Why

Sailing heart-ships
thru broken harbors
Out on the waves in the night
Still the searcher
must ride the dark horse
Racing alone in his fright.
Tell me why, tell me why

Is it hard to make
arrangements with yourself,
When you’re old enough to repay
but young enough to sell?

Tell me lies later,
come and see me
I’ll be around for a while.
I am lonely but you can free me
All in the way that you smile
Tell me why, tell me why

Is it hard to make
arrangements with yourself,
When you’re old enough to repay
but young enough to sell?

Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why

neil young

Posted by: felinegroovy | November 19, 2009

how does the moon work?

I watched The Moon recently with the Gazman and the Poet. It was suggested that we only ever see one side of the moon. I realised I didn’t know how the moon worked, I googled it and this guy didn’t know either. He went to the trouble of drawing pictures with explanations … it didn’t help that much, I think I need someone with oranges and bits of string and an animated voice describing how it all works … no I’m not going to check utube, I will wait til I meet someone who can demonstrate it!


Sorry about the link above – can’t get my wordpress gadgets to work how I want them to!

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spot the local musician …

Posted by: felinegroovy | November 18, 2009

Egg Head

I played netball last night and came a cropper. I have a huge egg above my left eye. It happened at the centre pass, I tripped (or was I pushed? it is bitchball after all and I was getting a few good shots in …) and got a bit of height and landed on my head! My reaction was to swear (f(*&%! that hurts! f&*%$k that really hurts) while lying on the ground. I got up and walked off court slurped some water and got back to playing. I was quite cross about it and as a result found some focus and actually got a few good goals in.

When we were kids the remedy for a bump on the head was a lump of butter smeared on the area. I got home and used frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel as a cold compress. That soothed it.

My lovely billy lid now plays with me and we needed to recruit her friend as we were a player short. Am loving playing with her (we even did a quarter in goasl together). I hope she wasn’t too shocked by my reaction to falling over. She was very caring when we got home and suggested I should stay awake for a while in case I have concussion. We ate Conniseur ice cream together and watched some crappy TV.

Good news is, it hurts to frown.

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