Here You Are … Here I am

You’ve come to my readingcircles blog.  I like thinking about things in round about ways. I like circularity. No straight edges. Duck in and out, feel free to tell me what you think we can go round and round with all sorts of little and big stuff.



  1. OK, OK, I know that I have been a lurker and not a contributer and that finally I have been outed by your persistence. I am feeling very Lawrence-ish this morning (You will need to read The Post Birthday World, Lionel Shriver’s follow up to We have to Talk About Kevin, to follow the allusion.. now there is a challenge. Just on Shriver for a minute… Kevin certainly placed her on the talk show rounds but before then she was a ‘..and then this happened’ author. Post Birthday is worth persisting with for the description of Lawrence) and in need of a second coffee to complete the morning routine.
    I am delighted that you have been forced off the Aunty road show (although the road show must have been fun)and know that the growth opportunities (corny eh?) will be really beneficial. I can’t wat for the TAFE chronicles to be published. They need you!!
    ACT is fully engrossed with the hanging death of our chief police officer. A role model for women in the force and a decent plod by all accounts. Bugger!
    Whilst I am certain life and experience is linear (and that seeing things in circles will pass!!), there are no right angles in my life!

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