Posted by: felinegroovy | April 16, 2007

I’m Going Next Year

I went to Fairbridge with with my girl, I love that she makes me do fun things like this!

The last gig I saw before the deluge at the Fairbridge Festival was one of the best. A stage full of young people playing the violin with joy. They are called Just Fiddling and they’re from Albany.

A fantastic night and half out … great atmosphere – absolutely no agro to be seen, camped with a bunch of good people, heard some interesting music I wouldn’t normally go out to hear (and some I would), had brekkie listening to poetry.

A highlight was the rain on Sunday… “first good opening rains in a few years” as Ian described it. It poured and great streams of rushing water and deep puddles headed toward the river. Our camp was thoroughly flooded. People running from the rain into marquee tents with smiles so wide with the excitement of the rain and the feeling of getting wet through. Walking through puddles white with clay. A frog hopping and swimming in a puddle near the dunnies and 3 boys poking it to make it hop. A slash of bright greet across its face.

Can’t sign off without without giving the Chipolatas the glory for starting me off with great big laughs and a huge face cracking grin. Funny how things turn out – last Thursday I heard this fabulous music coming from the green room on level one and there were two guys rehearsing – one on a mandolin and the other a piano accordion – one Chiploata and one John Reed. I stopped and had a bit of chat and reminisced about the dusty accordion that used to be on top of Dad’s wardrobe. These guys must have been everywhere because he told a story about his accordion dissolving in the jungles of Borneo…maybe he was pulling my leg … (Oh and the Chipolatas are a mighty perv too – that bum dancing was something to behold. Ah!)



  1. I’m so jealous, did you see Alistair Hullet and Dave Swarbick?

    I really wanted to go to their Kulcha gig last week but ended up just being way too busy.

  2. no … i didn’t see them … it was a great festival … go next year!

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